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Alt Semmering HirschenkogelBergbahnen GmbH a ski and recreation resort in Austria

FFp2 Mask Detection with Computer Vision

The global pandemic

The Semmering Ski Resort faced the challenge of adhering to government regulations during the pandemic while remaining operational. Requiring all guests to wear FFP2 masks meant hiring additional security personnel to monitor and enforce compliance, which increased costs and lowered profits.

FFp2 face mask detection

The FFP2 mask detection solution was seamlessly integrated into the resort's existing camera system, reducing the need for investment in additional equipment or personnel. When the system detected a guest without a mask, it triggered a sound notification, prompting the individual to put on a mask.

Automated FFp2 inspection system

By implementing an automated FFP2 mask detection solution, the Semmering Ski Resort successfully adhered to government regulations while minimizing additional staffing costs. This innovative approach to mask enforcement not only enhanced the resort's ability to maintain a safe environment for all, but also demonstrated the potential for technology to address challenges in a rapidly changing world.

Alt SECURITON Servis, spol. s r.o., a security management and remote surveillance company

Remote Video Surveillance with Computer Vision

The false alarms challenge

Despite constant advances in technology, standard motion alarm systems can be a victim of their own success in that they often generate unwanted false alarms as a consequence of an inability to accurately distinguish between intruders and other sources of movement.

AI intrusion detection

Deep learning video analytics of DEKI software by default ignores video noise, waving trees, moving clouds and animals, all of which might normally be the cause of false alarms when pixel based motion detection technology or motion sensors are being used to detect activity.

Modern remote video surveillance

By the end of the testing, our DEKI SAFE successfully detected intrusion events as a simple solution of giving existing IP cameras object recognition capabilities with the use of artificial intelligence, while saving the costs of purchase and manual installation of motion sensor systems.