At the project DEKI we work with our partners and clients to bring affordable computer vision solutions, to detect and recognize objects in real-time, to help increase security and safety while saving costs on automation of business processes.

We believe that Computer Vision will bring the next future of industrial revolution: helping automate monotonous and repetitive tasks that were previously heavily reliant on human input, in an ethical and safe way.

With our extensive experience in the problems and innovations in AI and Computer Vision, DEKI products and services offer end to end video analysis and automation solutions for companies and public authorities, all locally - without the use of Cloud.


Denis Konorev


"With the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis, technological progress and AI integration will impact all sectors of the economy. Many companies have yet to understand that AI integration in the real economy will be as widespread as electrification was in the last century. Our main task is to explain the impact of new technologies on automation and find ways to integrate computer vision into real-world business cases. This will help companies reduce costs and be more competitive than their rivals"


Stan Savransky


"Computer vision's goal is not to replace humans, but to improve human life."


“Dude, AI is like, this gnarly technology, you know? Like, it's like a computer brain that can, like, learn and think and stuff. It's like a surfer, man, it can ride the wave of data and, like, make predictions and decisions and all that. But, it's not like a human, you know? Like, it can't feel the stoke or connect with nature or anything. It's just a tool, dude. A rad tool, but still just a tool." 

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Monitoring compliance with occupational safety regulations

Monitoring compliance with occupational safety regulations (OSR) is a serious issue that affects the health and safety of workers, as well as the financial performance of organizations.


In countries like the USA and the UK, surveillance cameras, known as CCTV, have become an integral part of the street scene, while in Austria, the use of such cameras is more limited.

The compliance of head-mounted industrial PPE by using deep learning object detectors