Say goodbye to traditional access terminals, with DEKI keyless access is easier and more secure than ever. Face recognition provides employees and visitors with quick and convenient access to the workplace that can handle rush hour usage in companies where access for large numbers of employees is required.


User Control

Adding new users is simple. Register in seconds through an on-site photo capture, or upload photos to the device. Our system can store up to 5000 users locally on the device.


Nothing beats local computing when it comes to security. DEKI Access Control uses AES-256 encryption on all levels and data can be stored on the premises (cloudless).


Continuous face recognition through wired connection

<1 sec

To compare and verify registered users

99.76 %

True acceptance rate for reliable access control



Control access, trigger audio announcements and embrace keyless access. You can connect to smart locks with API or open electromechanical doors and turnstiles remotely through relays.

Day & Night

Equipped with dual lenses with high sensitivity to light, DEKI Access Control performs equally well under low light environments and can be used both during the day and at night.


What is license-plate recognition?

Automatic license-plate recognition (ALPR) uses computer vision technology to read license number plates on vehicles in video streams from standard IP cameras. DEKI license plate recognition functions allow security employees to identify and certify the passage of drivers quickly and completely remotely, with the use of existing surveillance systems.



Automatic vehicle identification with common IP security cameras. No additional sensors are required, given security cameras provide a clear image of the number plates.


High-performing deep learning algorithms allow reading multiple number-plates in parallel. Our local computing solution allows automated parking control even in remote locations without internet access.


Monitor car access automatically without the need of key cards for users. You can connect to boom barriers or open electromechanical gates and turnstiles remotely through relays.