DEKI brings fully automated solutions for authorities and security companies, to effectively control and monitor traffic, give you notice of any parking violations and detect unsafe behavior of drivers. Real-time image processing of video feeds from surveillance cameras lets you gather traffic data in the most cost-efficient way.


Vehicle Statistics

Vehicle counting with computer vision is a key strategy of traffic analytics and it can be used on urban roads and highways under different weather conditions. DEKI can efficiently and reliably classify vehicles and count them in real-time using existing surveillance cameras.

Anomaly Detection

Cars randomly stopping on the highway can present a dangerous safety risk. With anomaly detection from DEKI, you can automatically detect when a vehicle stops on the road (anomaly) within the specified area in the camera's point of view.


Automatic license-plate recognition (ALPR) uses computer vision technology to read license number plates in real-time on vehicles in video streams. License plate recognition function allows authorities to automatically identify detected vehicles, all with the use of existing surveillance systems. 


Combined with traffic management and automated parking validation,DEKI license plate recognition allows you to automatically gather data for vehicle identification.



Video analysis takes place in
real time and detects 24/7



No need to buy specialized
systems, we work with any IP


Toll control

Compare detected licence
plates with toll tickets database


Civil Security

Compare license plates
with database of stolen vehicles


Automated parking management is detection and classification of vehicles in pre-defined parking slots that are in the view of a security camera.  This detection system is able to use the camera systems (IP) that are pre-installed for security purposes so that general surveillance and parking management can be performed simultaneously, making our system applicable for both private parking lots and on-street use by authorities.

Application Setup Examples:

No Parking Allowed

Recognize cars that are parking illegally in public or at private property.

No Stopping Allowed

Detects if a vehicle has stopped at a place where no stopping is allowed.

Time Specific Parking only

Triggers an alarm only in a specific time range, or after a specific time has passed.