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DEKI Dealer Partner Program


The purpose of this dealer partner program is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between DEKI, the manufacturer of computer vision smart devices, and authorized dealers who will sell and promote the products in their respective territories.



To be eligible to participate in the dealer partner program, dealers must meet the following criteria:
- Have a proven track record of selling and promoting technology products
- Be capable of providing technical support and customer service for the products
- Agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the dealer partner program



- Exclusive access to the latest computer vision smart devices and related products
- Competitive pricing and favorable terms on all products
- Access to marketing and promotional materials to support sales efforts Technical support and training from DEKI
- Opportunities for co-marketing and co-promotional activities


Sales and Marketing:

- Dealers are responsible for promoting and selling the products within their respective territories.
- Dealers must follow DEKI's guidelines for advertising and promotional activities.
- Dealers must provide DEKI with regular sales reports and customer information.


Technical Support:

- Dealers are responsible for providing technical support to their customers.
- DEKI will provide training and support to dealers to ensure they are equipped to provide adequate technical support.


Pricing and Payment:

- DEKI will provide dealers with competitive pricing and favorable payment terms.
- Dealers must adhere to DEKI's suggested retail prices for the products.

Become our partner

Thank you for your interest in joining the DEKI Partner Program. Please complete and submit the application form below. If you have questions about your application or would like to refer a partner, please contact [email protected].