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Smart Area Protection
in Remote Video Monitoring

Object detection combined with smart area protection, can now reliably detect only the objects you are interested in, at the time you want, in specified areas in the camera's point of view.

What is Smart Area Protection?

Area protection is an integral part of any physical security system, whether for protecting critical infrastructure, manufacturing and retail spaces or private residences. Over the past decade, advances in surveillance technology such as alarm sensors and movement sensitive cameras vastly improved and simplified the task of area protection.


Recently, the development of machine learning algorithms and the rise of computer vision solutions has helped to reduce false alarms, and made surveillance tasks truly automated for the first time.

Key Features of Area Protection

With computer vision, you can achieve higher accuracy compared to traditional methods, with more information that can be extracted using AI. A fully automated area protection with intrusion recognition works for you 24/7 and saves the costs of personnel required for evaluation of false alarms.

Tailor-made solution for drones and UAVs

Our technologies allows to create solution to recognize/detect objects and further autonomies from drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. Works great in both ways - locally on drone, or remotely with video stream.



monitoring without the need
of constant supervision.



existing passive camera
systems to detect objects
of interest.



of false alarms through AI
powered computer vision



virtual fences around the area
you want to protect directly into
the video stream.



people and object detection in
multiple video streams at the
same time.



alarms triggered
for each camera connected.