Real – Time
Detection and Automation with DEKI

Powered by latest advancements in artificial intelligence, DEKI software provides multiple functionalities including local object detection, automatization, ethical data gathering and more, for the connected IP camera system.


Multiple AI vision capabilities in one solution

DEKI software is an ever growing platform that allows the use of different types of neural networks (person detection, vehicle classification etc.) in one solution without the use of cloud analytics.

Vehicle classification

Detect and differentiate between different types of vehicles.

Person tracking

Track people entering or moving through any areas of interest.

Mask detection

Control and monitor compliance of FFP2 mask mandate.

PPE inspection

Digitize EHS inspections and automatically monitor workplace safety.

Weapon detection

Instantly detect dangerous objects in your surveillance camera's point of view.

Area protection

Teach your surveillance cameras to reliably detect intrusions 24/7/365.

Object counting

Count objects of interest crossing through custom zones for reports.

License plate recognition

License Plate Recognition software that works in all environments.

Custom solution

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End-to-end solutions for Automation.

DEKI transforms your passive camera system into an active computer vision solution. Powered by artificial intelligence, surveillance cameras will be able to automate processes and simplify work steps while saving expenses. Additionally, DEKI supports your security and safety measurements with individual notifications and the creation of safety reports.

Detection Reports
Sound Alarm
3rd party
Management System
Trigger Remote Relays
Send Notifications
Custom Outputs

What makes DEKI different


Focus on Alarms That Matter

Set up video analytics rules to focus on genuine events only. DEKI video analytics neural networks can reduce false alarms up to 96%.


Real-Time Recognition

DEKI analyzes video streams locally and in real time with a high level of accuracy, notifying you instantly when an event happens.


Data Sovereignty

Our clients have full control over how data is stored and who has access to it. Local video analysis allows the user to handle the data in a GDPR compliant way.


Reliability and Resiliency

Computer vision powered by edge computing continues to operate even when communication channels are slow, intermittently available or temporarily down.


Reduced Bandwidth

All video data is processed, analyzed, and stored locally, without the need of internet connection. This reduction in data flow minimizes the cost to the user as lower bandwidth.


Custom Solutions

On demand, we make custom made solutions prepared according to your specific needs and requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Compared to cloud based Computer Vision systems, DEKI brings real-time local object recognition capabilities that allow the user to handle the data in a safe GDPR compliant way. Edge computing brings several benefits to computer vision, including improved response time, reduced bandwidth usage, and an increased level of security without compromise.


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