AI for people: technology in simple words

AI for people: technology in simple words

To put simply, artificial intelligence (AI) is a system or machine that can mimic human behavior in order to perform tasks and gradually learn from the information it gathers. AI has been used in many areas, for example:

 • chatbots use AI to quickly analyze customer requests and provide appropriate responses;

 • “smart assistants” use AI to extract freeform information from large datasets and optimize planning and management decisions;

 • recommendation systems automatically select similar products from the catalog in the online store based on previously viewed;

 • object recognition (detection) systems such as our DEKI software that allows to identify any kinds of objects in real time;

 • and many other areas.

It is important to understand that AI is not a method or a function, it is a process and the ability to think and analyze data.

Many people use the word "artificial intelligence" to imagine intelligent humanoid robots seeking to conquer the world. However, AI is not intended to replace humans. Its goal is to expand human skills and capabilities. Therefore, this technology is a valuable business resource.