We are excited to announce our partnership with SECURITON

We are excited to announce our partnership with SECURITON, a security management and remote video surveillance company based in Slovakia.

The goal of our partnership is to evaluate the extent to which DEKI object recognition system can reduce false alarms that are very common in standard video surveillance systems, by testing our solution at one of the Securiton client’s facilities.


DEKI’s deep learning video analytics can ignore video noise, waving trees, moving clouds and animals that are usually the cause of false alarms when pixel-based motion detection technology or motion sensors are being used to detect activity.


Edit1: DEKI solution does not require updating the existing video surveillance system and helps to:

Reduce the time wasted and the costs associated with additional efforts to verify whether the alarm was false 

Give the ability to monitor even facilities that would be unmanageable beforehand due to constant activity and associated false alarms.

We believe that with our technologies we can provide great value to ensure the effective protection of the property through remote video monitoring.

“Securiton as a testing and distributing partner has a real pleasure to work with DEKI on the projects like this because of the great communication and open minds behind the DEKI solution, but mostly because of the professional insight in the problematics of AI.”

Monitoring Center Manager