What's the difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science?

Today we want to talk about how to distinguish between these catchy words and understand what each term truly means. Here we go!

 •   Artificial Intelligence - AI

In the global universal sense, AI is the broadest possible term. It includes both scientific theories and specific technological practices for creating programs that are close to human intelligence.

 •   Machine Learning - ML

AI is actively applied in practice. Today, when it comes to the use of AI in business or in production, most often it means exactly Machine Learning.

ML algorithms usually work on the principle of a learning mathematical model that performs analysis based on a large amount of data, while making conclusions without following rigidly defined rules.

 •   Data Science - DS

Data analysis is the science and practice of analyzing (collecting, storing, and processing) large amounts of data using all sorts of mathematical methods, including machine learning.