Can AI Powered Computer Vision be sustainable?

DEKI's answer is YES!

Edge computing technology used by DEKI offers a more sustainable way to work with data by storing and analysing it on-premises. Thus the carbon footprint as well as energy consumption are significantly lower compared to cloud data storage.

DEKI team has developed a ready-to-market green tech solution that is capable of automated inspection of personal protective equipment and delivering aerial observation with drones at industrial (where else?) facilities. 

Why DEKI solution is sustainable?


No data stored in cloud - huge step towards green tech.
Use of drones reduces energy consumption to some extent and is even able to operate in offline mode.


What else do you need to know about DEKI?

  • We provide object detection and area control in real-time video streams or image processing.
  • We connect with your existing IP camera systems to enable automated surveillance, safety inspections, and more.
  • The amount of energy consumption with DEKI boxes installed on the client’s side is several times lower (?)
  • We do not store data in the cloud which allows the clients to always keep data protection at the highest possible level.
  • We offer direct access to a key account manager (at our HQ in Vienna) to our clients who supports the process from pre-sales to maintaining support and beyond. The service and trust is utmost importance for us!
  • Custom solutions can be adapted quickly and without huge costs.


DEKI Use Case 
Automated Safety Inspections | LNG Stations 

Our computer vision system connects to the video streams from an IP camera installed at the stations, works 24/7 and detects correct use of personal protective equipment together with a license plate of the vehicle, stores and sends events of improper use to a custom web portal where the events can be filtered and downloaded to Excel for reporting.


We believe that transition from power-hungry data centers is a way forward. Join us on this way! 

Do you have any questions?

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