The compliance of head-mounted industrial PPE by using deep learning object detectors


Cooperation with #GasNet

Dear all, we are happy to announce that we have started a cooperation with #GasNet, a company that owns and operates the largest #gas distribution network in the Czech Republic.


Can AI Powered Computer Vision be sustainable?

DEKI's answer is YES!

Edge computing technology used by DEKI offers a more sustainable way to work with data by storing and analysing it on-premises. Thus the carbon footprint as well as energy consumption are significantly lower compared to cloud data storage.

DEKI team has developed a ready-to-market green tech solution that is capable of automated inspection of personal protective equipment and delivering aerial observation with drones at industrial (where else?) facilities. 

Why DEKI solution is sustainable?



First test in cooperation with AIRBORNE ROBOTICS

First test in cooperation with . Thank you to Alexander Fraess-Ehrfeld !


Why do we use edge computing at DEKI?

To compare with cloud computing, edge computing enables more efficient near real-time data processing allowing to decentralize computing power by placing it at or close to the source of data generation. 

As DEKI solutions are solely based on real-time data processing that we use for object detection, area control, and face recognition in video or image processing, we can provide the highest efficiency by deploying edge computing.


Discussion on a new smart city project in Indonesia

At the #ADIPEC exhibition in Abu Dhabi, we also received an invitation to talk about becoming a part of the new project to relocate the Indonesian capital Jakarta to a new site. An all-new smart city is planned to be built there, and our computer vision solutions can be widely used in the implementation of this project. We are looking forward to the response from the Indonesian government to our application and will be glad to take part in such a large-scale project!


The first country where we have established a reliable partner in the mid-eastern region is UAE.

The first country where we have established a reliable partner in the mid-eastern region is UAE. Thank you for your trust Osama Saeed!

We are open to new friends and new business opportunities and are ready to enter new markets! 

Let us know if you want to join DEKI in advancing business process automation with computer vision.