Why do we use edge computing at DEKI?

To compare with cloud computing, edge computing enables more efficient near real-time data processing allowing to decentralize computing power by placing it at or close to the source of data generation. 

As DEKI solutions are solely based on real-time data processing that we use for object detection, area control, and face recognition in video or image processing, we can provide the highest efficiency by deploying edge computing.

Besides, with the growing importance of data privacy and regulatory changes such as GDPR, edge computing might soon be the only viable way for businesses to use AI products and services with sensitive data. 

Are these the only benefits of edge computing? For sure not! 

These are other advantages why we do use edge-based computing in our solutions: 

Data safety 

No data needs to be sent to the cloud, stored in the cloud, or shared with third parties.


More stable, robust, and highly accessible services that are especially important in mission-critical applications that are vulnerable to network disconnections and quality.


Centralized cloud data centers produce a lot of carbon emissions, cause significant electronic waste and consume a lot of energy. With edge computing, we can minimize the amount of useless data transferred to and from the cloud, thereby reducing overall energy needs in the long run.


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